Cross Browser Support

You must have the LaraCart database migration and migrate. To enable just change it in your config!

'cross_devices' => true

{danger} You must be using the Auth Manager, and may have to update the migration to fit your needs.


Event Functions that the fire event
laracart.new LaraCart::setInstance()
laracart.update LaraCart::update()
laracart.addItem LaraCart::add() , LaraCart::addLine()
laracart.updateItem LaraCart::updateItem(), LaraCart::generateHash()
laracart.removeItem LaraCart::removeItem()
laracart.empty LaraCart::emptyCart()
laracart.destroy LaraCart::destroyCart()


Exception Reason
InvalidPrice When trying to give an item a non currency format
InvalidQuantity When trying to give an item a non-integer for a quantity
CouponException When a coupon either is expired or an invalid amount
ModelNotFound When you try to relate a model that does not exist
InvalidTaxableValue Either a tax value is invalid or taxable is not a boolean