Adding coupons could never be easier, currently there are a set of coupons inside LaraCart coupon folder. To create new types of coupons just create a copy of one of the existing coupons and modify it!

Coupon Type Description
Fixed Amount Takes a fixed amount off the carts sub total LukePOLO\LaraCart\Coupons\Fixed
Percentage Takes a percentage off of the carts sub total LukePOLO\LaraCart\Coupons\Percentage

Coupon Helpers

The coupons include a CouponTrait that has some helpers, in which these should be used within your coupon classes

// Checks the minimum subtotal needed to apply the coupon
$this->checkMinAmount($minAmount, $throwErrors = true)

// Returns either the max discount or the discount applied based on what is passed through
$this->maxDiscount($maxDiscount, $discount, $throwErrors = true)

// Checks to see if the times are valid for the coupon
$this->checkValidTimes(Carbon $startDate, Carbon $endDate, $throwErrors = true)

// Sets a discount on a item
$this->setDiscountOnItem(CartItem $item)

{alert} Take a look at Custom Coupons to see how to use these in your coupon

Coupon Implemention

$coupon = new \LukePOLO\LaraCart\Coupons\Fixed($coupon->CouponCode, $coupon->CouponValue, [
    'description' => $coupon->Description


$fixedCoupon->getValue(); // $2.50
$percentCoupon->getValue; // 15%

$fixedCoupon->canApply(); // true or false
$fixedCoupon->getFailedMessage(); // ex : 'you must have $10 in the cart!'

Custom Coupons

To create a custom coupon to fit your needs its pretty simple, first create a new file with these three functions :

namespace App\Coupons;

use LukePOLO\LaraCart\Contracts\CouponContract;
use LukePOLO\LaraCart\Traits\CouponTrait;

 * Class MyCustomCoupon
 * @package App\Coupons
class MyCustomCoupon implements CouponContract
    use CouponTrait;

     * @param $code
     * @param $value
    public function __construct($code, $value, $options = [])
        $this->code = $code;
        $this->value = $value / 100;

        // this allows you to access your variables via $this->$option

     * Gets the discount amount
     * @param $throwErrors this allows us to capture errors in our code if we wish,
     * that way we can spit out why the coupon has failed
     * @return string
    public function discount($throwErrors = false)
        // $this->minAmount was passed to the $options when constructing the coupon class
        $this->checkMinAmount($this->minAmount, $throwErrors)
        return \LaraCart::subTotal(false) * $this->value;

     * Displays the type of value it is for the user
     * @return mixed
    public function displayValue($locale = null, $internationalFormat = null)
        return \LaraCart::formatMoney($this->value, $locale, $internationalFormat);

Once you done this , you can easily use your coupon :

$coupon = new App\MyCustomCoupon('10%OFF', '.10', [
    'description' => '10 % Off Any Purchase!'


Fees allow you to add extra charges to the cart for various reasons like delivery fees, service charges or any other fee that you require.

LaraCart::addFee('deliveryFee', 5, $taxable =  false, $options = []);